What will be the future of Airplane and is it the sky cruise hotel?


In earlier times, it used to take many days and several weeks for us to go from one place to another, but it used to take not only weeks but even months. After the arrival of the airplane, we humans started saving a lot of time. According to the documents of sailors from centuries ago, it is said that it used to take many months for them to go from India to America. Today, because of the airplane, we can come from any place to anywhere at any moment, that too in a short time. Just imagine where it used to take us many months for humans to go from one place to another, but today we humans have made so much progress that it takes only a few hours for us to go from one place to another. But we humans are not one of those who have not stopped till now, we humans thought why not do something bigger than this, then a new idea was born, and that idea came to sky cruise.


Turbine engines are used to run today's airplanes, helicopters and to operate them, a skilled pilot is needed who has many years of experience. If we talk about jet planes, whose speed is much faster than airplanes, helicopters, jet engines are used in them. Due to the different engine of these vehicles, different types of fuel are used in the vehicle, which is helpful in running them. Where petrol is used for road vehicles, aviation kerosene is used to run these aerial vehicles. The thermal capability of aviation kerosene is much higher than that of petrol because airplanes fly in the air in many situations and these conditions increase the risk of fire, so that is why petrol is not used in aerial vehicles.


By the way, the price of aviation kerosene fuel is Rs 142/litre for domestic planes/flights and the price of aviation kerosene fuel is Rs. 140092 for jet planes. But what makes planes expensive is hourly fuel consumption, it consumes 2500 litres per hour. So according to this consumption rate, one plane consume approx 3.5 lac in an hour. Because of high consumption rate and expensive, more and more item cannot be carried in plane because of limit fuel. Due to the fuel refilling in the plane, the plane has to be brought down again and again. And inflation is also a problem of increasing price of fuel.


Sky cruise plane idea is given by Hashem Al-Ghaili who is a Yemeni molecular biotechnologist. It seems impossible at first glance but in reality sky cruise plane is possible. According to weight and size of sky Cruise for loading capacity of plane, it seems impossible because regular plane with help of fuel because regular plane can't handle that much weight with the help of fuel. Here comes a concept where number of companies work on fuel efficiency but according to Hashem Al-Ghaili, we should change turbine engine to nuclear-powered engine. According to scientists, they think if we invest on it is possible to make this sky cruise when they have known nuclear- powered engine will be used to run sky cruise plane.


The kerosene, which is used in today's time to circulate by receiving propulsion and turbine engine power. Similarly, instead of a system that takes up such a large and more space, the nuclear reactor which occupies half the space will be installed, and two hypothetical chambers will also be provided to support the nuclear reactor. And this system will be installed in such a way that the reactor try to react with the chamber to make more energy. Then the energy made will be used in such a way that everything function well on the plane. But the matter is coming to the fore is that it can recycle all energy which how it recycles we not know yet, but it will design like loop which creating energy repeatedly through nuclear reaction. If the particles have been not energy, it can be used to power again.


Sky cruise hotel will the biggest evolution in human history. It not only enhance our lifestyle, it will change lifestyle fully. Inside this plane there will be 3000 rooms for 5000 people to stay. Each room has a 7 -star hotel facility. Airplane bound, big pool inside it. Tennis will be in the airplane, there will be a casino. By the way all airplanes have not network facilities, but in this plane high speed network facilities will also be provided in it so that people can stay connected to the world even when they are in sky. In this plane people will for years. But there comes one more issue and issue is that oxygen problem. People who will be staying in sky can breathe properly? According to Hashem Al-Ghaili, in 2035 Or in 2040 this airplane will be flying in any case, then the mouths of all those who were calling it impossible will be shut.

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