What I've learned from my weight loss journey!

Being overweight is NOT a sin!

Anyway, as the lockdown progressed, I tried to stick to my routine, which served as an escape from reality. I started with basic yoga stretches, and because it was a total lockdown, we didn't order anything. The obsession grew when I noticed even the slightest change in my body, but by this time it was more of a happy feeling than an obsession. I began attempting difficult yoga poses, and as the lockdown eased, I began running on a regular basis. Aside from the physical change, the runs gave me time to focus on my thoughts and feelings, allowing me to think them through. One of my friends introduced me to the Nike Running App, and I soon began to notice significant changes in my body. What began as a single motivation to lose weight was now carrying multiple motivations. I was moved away from the sole goal of weight loss and toward my mental and emotional well-being. The runs felt like meditation rather than something I had to do to lose weight.

What I learned from my weight reduction experience!

It's amusing how we were never taught to love and accept ourselves, how we were taught to conform to social norms, and how mental health was never formally introduced to us as children. I was losing weight while still feeling the same; I noticed my love for food waning; I used to restrain myself from eating anything sweet or fatty, and I rarely indulged in cheat days. The more I delved into my thoughts, the more vulnerable I became. I gave myself a much-needed intervention—weight loss and happiness are not inextricably linked. I became more conscious of my physical appearance, which was counterproductive. I cut back on food, but it felt like a hurricane was brewing inside whenever I denied myself my favourite dishes for an extended period of time.

I wasn't feeling well, so my mother sat me down and told me that eating everything in proper proportions was important, and that cutting back on food wouldn't help for long. It had been almost a year and I had lost around 8–10kgs. I began focusing on my overall well-being rather than just my waistline. Yes, I still become conscious at times, but I now have the ability to console and communicate with my body.



Most of us have received negative comments about our physical appearance, and we sometimes believe that if we could fix that I lived, it would be magical. That bubble popped for me! I've finally begun to understand myself better while focusing more on my mental and emotional well-being. I associated losing weight with happiness, with a life without problems, and it is true that the healthier you feel, the better you work. However, it does not only include body weight.

Your brain tricks you; it frequently leads you to believe that the people around you are correct, which they are sometimes. But nothing is more important than you feeling like you!

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