Weight Loss Stories of Bollywood Actresses


weight loss stories of bollywood actresses

There are numerous weight loss stories of Bollywood actresses that have made headlines since the latter released their weight loss DVDs a few years back. Some of these celebrities such as Amitabh Bachan and Sharukh khan have gone on to become world famous actors. Their weight loss stories of Bollywood have been viewed by millions of people. Most of these stories have been accompanied with covers and some celebrity interviews.


One of the most popular of these weight loss stories of Bollywood is that of Shriya Kumar. She has become famous because of her dramatic weight loss. The most striking thing about her first few months of weight loss was the radical change she experienced. She used to go on her daily six meals a day and still gained weight. But after a month of weight loss, she felt like a different woman and went back to her normal six meals a day.


Another of the weight loss stories of Bollywood actresses is Milind Ingle. She too lost a considerable amount of weight but she has managed to maintain it since. She went on to gain weight later but her efforts were much more than a typical weight loss story of an actress. She went through several weight loss programs and even tried various diet pills. Even after she joined a yoga program, she found it very difficult to get off the floor.


Priyam does not really have an extensive weight loss history but she has one of the best looking bodies in Bollywood. She has also gained a lot of weight despite her slim figure and good looks. Since her weight loss was gradual, many people did not see her weight loss progress as fast as they had expected. One can safely say that she is a true success at keeping her figure and her body slim till date.


Similarly, there are several stories of Ranbir Kapoor who is known to be very slim and attractive. He has maintained a perfect shape since his early days in Bollywood. There are many stories of female actors and actresses losing a considerable amount of weight quickly and then maintaining it steadily thereafter. However, their weight loss stories become very boring. They do not tell about how they kept going with their diet plans and exercises. They also do not give information about the exercises that they did in order to maintain their perfect figures.


It is interesting to note that almost all the successful actresses in Bollywood have managed to lose a significant amount of weight while remaining slim and attractive. However, it should be noted that this weight loss success is not an exception. It can also vary from one female actor to another. An actor's personality can also affect her weight loss success.


Many female celebrities have shared their stories of rapid weight loss on different web sites. The most popular female actors include Maya Durgaam, Sharukh Khatun, Shazahn Padamsee, Neeta Lulla, Priyadarshan Soman Nair and Karthikeyan Bhargava. The most interesting fact about most of these actresses is that most of them have managed to lose a lot of weight within a very short period of time without gaining a single pound. However, one should also remember that weight loss should be combined with proper dieting and exercise.


Almost every female actor or actress in Bollywood has a virtual diet where she supplements her diet with the food items offered by the studio. It is possible that a weight loss program for actresses in Bollywood is planned during the pre-production stages when no budget is provided for it. However, weight loss stories of female actors and actresses from other genres often become the most popular news stories across the world. This may be because the diet programs work well for the actresses and the viewers alike.

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