We put the Internet's most popular culinary life hacks to the test.

At Bright Side, we enjoy scouring the internet for useful hints and ideas that make our lives easier. We've just decided to put some of them to the test. For example, are those popular culinary life hacks truly as helpful as their likes and reposts would suggest?


Today, we'd like to welcome you to go through the results. The experiments did not cause any harm to the editors!

No. 1: To cut all of your cherry tomatoes in half at once, place them between two flat plates and cut through the space with a sharp knife.

We put the 14 most popular culinary life hacks on the internet to the test.

Result: It takes a long time to cut tomatoes this way. We only got a few slices before having to do it the old-fashioned way. This life hack might work if you use an extremely sharp knife, but even then, you'll have a hard time slicing the fruit exactly in half.


Conclusion: This does not work.


No. 2: Place a wooden spoon on top of the saucepan to keep the milk from boiling over.

We put the 14 most popular culinary life hacks on the internet to the test.

The milk still overboiling, and the wooden spoon did little to stop it. This life hack is utter bullshit!


Conclusion: This does not work.


No. 3: Microwaving the ingredients in a mug is a quick and easy technique to make tasty cupcakes.

We put the 14 most popular culinary life hacks on the internet to the test.

To make the cake, we combined one egg with tiny amounts of flour, sugar, and chocolate. Then we added some water, baking powder, and a bit of salt.


To be honest, our food was an acquired taste. The cupcake came out somewhat rubbery, tasting more like a pancake. However, the quality of the ingredients will most likely play a significant role. The recipe can be used as a fun approach to introduce your children to the world of home cooking.


Conclusion: It works, although the results may not be to everyone's preference.


No. 4: Put your eggs in cold water after boiling them to make peeling them easier.


Result: A tried-and-true life tip from our grandmothers and mothers. Placing eggs in cold water makes them much easier to peel.

Conclusion: It works perfectly. 

No. 5: Frozen grapes can be used to freeze wine.

Result: Unlike ice cubes, which melt in the glass, frozen grapes do not dilute the drink. They cool your wine just as well as they look.


Conclusion: This is unquestionably effective.


No. 6: To avoid "onion tears," add salt on your chopping surface.



Result: During our bold experiment, we discovered that this life hack does spare you some tears...but not all of them.


Conclusion: It works, but not well.


No. 7: Wrapping an ice cream package in a plastic bag before freezing it makes the ice cream softer/easier to scoop.


Result: Ice cream that has been stored in the freezer for an extended period of time frequently becomes hard, requiring you to wait before serving. Using this life hack helped our ice cream stay soft. As a result, we were able to immediately serve it in lovely glass dishes.


Conclusion: This truly works.


No. 8: If you cut an avocado in half but only want to use one half right away, make sure you choose the side without the pit. The half with the pit has a far better chance of staying fresh in the fridge.


We conducted our own experiment by placing two avocado halves in the fridge, one with a pit and the other without. Both portions appeared to be far from fresh after two days.

Conclusion: This does not work.


No. 9: To swiftly peel garlic, place it in a container and shake vigorously.


Result: If you need to peel numerous heads of garlic at once, this is a useful life hack. Just remember to chop off the ends and shake the jar as vigorously as you can, otherwise nothing will happen.


Conclusion: It works.


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