Top 10 Healthiest Fruits!!!

Top 10 best Healthiest fruits you should take everyday. 

• Apples 

There may be plenty of truth behind the old saying about apples and doctors. People who regularly eat apples reduce their risk of developing heart disease. 

• Oranges 

A big, Healthy dose of vitamin C is good for everyone, and oranges also offer plenty of a vitamin that no pregnant woman's should be without. 

• Kiwis 

Anyone still concerned about their vitamin C intake should focus on the kiwi. They double the amount of the Vitamin C found in an orange. 

• Papayas 

They look and smell exotic, but they can help with routine functions like digestion. They are packed with vitamin A. 

• Pomegranates 

Gorgeous to look at and even better to eat, Pomegranates are loaded with antioxidants that protect cells against damage and may help prevent diseases like cancer. 

• Blueberries 

Talk about an antioxidants super food some studies have suggested that consuming blueberries can boost cognitive function and help prevent diseases like Alzheimer's. 

• Bananas 

Potassium is the main draw for this fruit. They can even help prevent the development of stomach ulcers. 

• Grapes 

These bite size fruit are fabulous for anyone fighting against high blood pressure and is at risk of blood clots. 

• Strawberry 

A powerful anti - inflammatory that tastes divine. The strawberry is one of nature's most perfect foods. 

• Mangoes 

Anyone can with a family history of macular degeneration should definitely indulge in mangoes.this fruit can provide plenty of nutrition to keep eyes healthy. 

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