How To Lose Weight While Fasting Ramadan

Ramadan is a Holy month in which Muslims do fasting from dawn to dusk. In this month, Muslims have a great chance of shedding pounds if they want. Taking care of your diet, keeping the body hydrated, and doing some exercises helps you in shedding extra pounds while fasting. This month gives the perfect opportunity of beginning a healthy body. A lot of people lose weight in Ramadan simply because their portion sizes change. Fasting for a long period makes your stomach smaller and it stores food less. You can also observe changes in your appetite. But if you get fried food and more sugary or soda drinks, the result will be opposed. Here are some tips are given that will help you in understanding the value of good habits and the harm of overeating, and healthily losing weight while fasting.

Make a habit of taking some exercise

Many people consider fasting is enough for losing weight. But it is not true. Stay away from eating or drinking for a long time is not enough. If you think it’s enough it can make you lazy. Taking some exercise will make you active and let you feel fresh all day. If you fast all day and grab on food in the evening, without stopping yourself you will overeat, and not taking any exercise will tend you towards obesity and many dangerous diseases. Make a habit of taking exercise daily. It is not necessary to go to the gym or other training center. There are many exercises you can perform at your home. Or you can take advantage of the internet and learn many easy exercises. Do some exercise daily after breaking your fast. Take two-hour after breaking your fast or let your food be digested and start your sets. A 15 minutes set only can give you fruitful results. You can run, walk, or can do yoga at your home. If you become bored with routine exercise, then you can do it with a little twist, like enjoying a song and doing steps with it. There are many applications available on the internet for easy and enjoyable exercises that will not only keep you healthy but also pleased you with joy.

Stop yourself from overeating

The most important thing for losing weight is to stop overeating. Remember Ramadan is a month that reminds and stops us from overeating. If you don’t take any food or drink from dawn to dusk it means you are keeping yourself away from overeating as this Holy month says. But if you swoop on food at just after the breaking fast, it messes up everything. If you fast for a long time and suddenly break out on food this will pass off your all hard work. You will gain weight instead of losing it. Take a diet balance in Iftar. Try to break your fast with water or take small portions like dates. And then go for prayer. After praying Namaz, make a plate of food which you want to eat but remember to make it small. After this wait for at least 20 minutes for the signals of your brain. If your brain gives you signals that you are full then stop eating. If it signals to eat more, then take only a glass of water. Sometimes people mix the sign of feeling hunger with the feeling of cravings.


Take a healthy food

It’s always necessary to take a healthy diet. If you have a healthy diet in your suhur you will remain calm and active all day. Take protein, carbohydrates, and fiber-rich food in suhur that takes time to digest and you feel full all day instead of feeling hunger. Similarly avoid salty food in suhur because salt gives you a thirsty feeling the next day. The most important thing is not to skip suhur any day. Many people did this mistake and skip suhur, believe me, the pre-dawn meal is very important if you skip it you will feel hungrier all day. 

Fasting all day doesn’t mean that you Complete all your eating hours at iftar. Take small and healthy portions as well. Break your fast with dates but not more than one as dates have high sugar. After it, take vegetables soup or others. Avoid creamy food or fried food. Take a small portion of salad with limited oil dressing, not more than 1-2 teaspoons. Go for some fruits and shakes. 

Say no to processed food

Iftar is not about taking fried food or any processed food. Processed food is of high sugary and salty. It will disturb your stomach if you take it on an empty stomach. Fast food like a burger or cheesy or spicy food will only give taste to your tongue but destroy your hormones, increases your weight, and also be responsible for many diseases.  Have a balanced diet of fresh fruits and vegetables, juices and soups and the main thing is water. Keep yourself hydrated.

Keep yourself Hydrated 

Drink water as much as you can.  Water is an essential thing our body needs. In Ramadan, you are far away from drinking water throughout the day. But it doesn’t mean that you let yourself be dehydrated. Balanced your water requirements after breaking the fast to suhur. Drink water at least eight glasses between Iftar and suhur.  Take two glasses of water at iftar and two at suhur. keeping yourself hydrated will control your sugar cravings and also helps you in losing weight.

Don’t mix soda drinks with water. Cold drinks or other soda drinks will increase your metabolism and reason for weight gain. Similarly, caffeine or tea is not counted as water. Green tea will be added to a hydrated drink it also helps you in digestion otherwise drink only water.

Ramadan is a Holy Month in which we fast from sunrise to sunset for Allah SWT. This month teach us Taqwa and ordered us to leave from  bad habits including overeating. Not only overeating, we should also think about the reasons which are responsible for it. And try to leave them all. So that we can act upon the teaching of Ramadan and keep us healthy.


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