How technologies will help you in losing weight

Everyone wishes to look smart and fit. But obesity becomes a hurdle. To lose weight you should always eat right and takes daily exercise. But this is not enough you should keep track of your progress, keep monitoring how much calories do you intake daily. There are numerous latest technologies available that will help you shed pounds as well as keep tracking of your progress. 


There are also many applications available, you can download apps on your phone and can monitor your progress without any worry.

Latest weight loss techs

Luckily, we live in an innovative world. Where new technologies made our life easy. In this busy life taking time for a strict diet and hours of exercise is not an easy task. Technologies have proven themselves in the Weight Loss industry. You will amuse with the latest gadgets that not only shed pounds or burn fats, also give us data and aid in monitoring and adjustments in our diet and exercise.

1. The Flex Belt

The flex belt abdominal muscles toner is an electrical muscles stimulator (EMS) technology, it exercises all ab muscles at once. By using this belt you will leave all your worries about your form because it will stimulate all major muscles of your stomach, the upper part, the lower part, and the oblique all are going to get worked at once. It’s such as you are replacing stomach workout without doing any conventional stomach exercise. It works with a low voltage electric current and it is sent from the device to the pre-positioned electrodes_over the abs. And forces the stomach muscles to contract. This belt has a whopping 10 programs and 150 different intensity levels. Moreover, it is suggested by the different celebrities who are satisfied with this product. It is simple to use, you have to place the gel pad in the stimulated area, and repeat the process according to the label. You will see the result in several weeks.

2. Omron body fat loss monitor

This is another device for losing body fat by using current impulses through the palm. This device looks like a bicycle wheel or aircraft helmet, you have to hold it with both hands, and an electric impulse will run in your body. The specialty of Omron devices is the give results after matching the obtained data with your age, weight, height, and physical conditions. There are two modes one sport mode for jocks and the other is normal for losing weight. It has 7 different indicators, body fat percentage, BMI, weight, skeleton muscles, resting metabolism, visceral fat, and age. The amazing thing is that it doesn’t cost much, and its calculating values claims of error only about 2-5%.

The body composition works by sending an electric impulse to all your body from arm to feet to calculate the body water. It creates a more accurate reading by reducing the influence of water movement.

3. Apple watch series 7

Apple watches series 7 is an ideal smartwatch for health and fitness-minded people. It is a fully-featured watch designed to work seamlessly with the iPhone. It is dust and Waterproof. Internal sensors allow you to measure blood pressure, calories counter, heart rate, blood oxygen level, take an ECG, monitor your sleep, it also track workout and fitness activities such as walking, running, swimming, and cycling. Apple watches series 7 no doubt is a fully-featured smartwatch that can be used as a communication and productivity tool in all aspects of life. It helps you in living a healthy life and makes you fit and smart with its smart technologies. You will be updated with all your health issues. And the workout sensor will help you in losing weight as it counts how many calories you burnt in walking or running. Everything is in your hand. Its starting price is $399 only and you can choose between GPS(Wi-Fi Only) or cellular + GPS versions. You can enjoy countless fitness applications downloaded from the app store and keep your body fit.

Latest weight loss apps

Like gadgets, there are multiple applications available in this technology world, that will help you in losing weight and make your body slim and fit and live the life you wish for. Below are some apps discussed that will help you in choosing the best for you to help you in weight loss.

1. counter apps

There are many apps available in the play store, which can help you in counting daily intake calories. Remembering the calorie intake is not an easy task, we can’t count easily how much we take calories in a day, maintaining a chart, and keeping a note with yourself can make you tired. You can get rid of everything by just downloading the app from the play store and keeping everything on a click. You will improve your diet, and can change your diet by counting calories. It also improves your health and aid in losing weight.

2. Water tracker apps

As we know very well water is essential for our health it also assists us in losing weight. But in our busy lives, we couldn’t take the time or remind ourselves for drinking water from time to time and as the result, we grab snacks instead of drinking water. This app will ask your height, age, activity rate, and gender and calculate the amount of water you should have to drink in 24 hours. It will track your daily water consumption and also send reminders of drinking water. It is not only for losing weight but also for keeping you hydrated. This is why millions of people downloaded water tracker apps and keep themselves hydrated.

3. Running apps

Running apps are very useful apps for those who take exercise as daily running or walking. These apps calculate your running distance, keep track of your route, heart rate, keep your progress report, and also set running goals for you. If you want to lose weight, and you are a newbie in running to get your goals. These apps will prove themselves as a helping hand and you will never disappoint by downloading them. There are multiple apps available from different app stores. And most apps are free and some required once time fee or subscription charge.

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