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There is no way to measure how much or how often celebrities engage in dieting, but one thing is certain: celebrities have more reasons than most of us do to be concerned with their weight. Celebrities who have shed a lot of weight include: singer Leona Lewis; actor Danny Glover; singer Diana Ross; tennis star Andre Agassi; soccer player David Beckham and golfer Tom Watson. What's interesting about all this is that many of these celebrities revealed in detail in a recent press releases about the exact methods they used to lose the weight. Some of these methods are not typical of dieters, some are extreme and some are borderline dangerous.


Leona Lewis: Leona Lewis is an example of a celebrity who lost a lot of weight quickly. However, her quick weight loss is almost as fast as she gained it. She made her first attempt to lose weight after her daughter's pediatrician advised her to do so. Leona then spent months trying to come up with the right recipe for a low calorie and low fat meal plan, which involved eating raw and cooked vegetables along with "pro-foods," including crackers and chocolate.


David Beckham: David Beckham is another example of a celebrity who had a hard time keeping off the pounds. David seemed to have trouble getting into the right shape and even had trouble staying in shape once he got there. He tried several diets including the South Beach Diet and the M Fantasy diet. His trainer at the time said that his metabolism was too high. Although he has stayed fit and has maintained a healthy diet since his career, he does admit that he could use some help with his eating habits.


Tom Cruise: Perhaps the most famous Scientologist on the planet was recently spotted at a trendy Los Angeles restaurant sipping a glass of wine. It looks like Tom may be enjoying his weight loss and staying fit. However, he could use a few pointers to stay away from the risks of dieting and eating disorders. Like so many other celebrities, he shops at the same place where he eats. The only difference is that he isn't actually purchasing the foods that he eats there. The manager of the restaurant says the star was on his diet for the day but was able to keep it down by focusing on good health and fitness and maintaining a positive outlook.


Eva Longoria: One of the hottest new actresses in Hollywood, Eva Longoria was recently spotted at a trendy nightclub sipping on glasses of wine. She looks like she has been enjoying her weight loss well and may be on a strict no junk and no calorie regiment. As with many other celebrities, she is very conscious about what she eats and how much she eats. She also has a personal trainer and works with him to maintain a healthy lifestyle and keep her body in great shape. She has said that she will not eat any less or any more than she did during the last season of her show Lost.


Britney Spears: While it is hard to judge how much Britney Spears' personal life is influenced by her weight, one can't help but notice the name "Bianco" frequently when talking about her. She adores her Italian food and seems to have an appetite that could rival those of Halle Berry or Madonna. She has been photographed by fashion experts wearing those same Italian-inspired outfits and is said to love the way the clothes fit. This may be because of her parents, which are both Italian. Britney was recently snapped at a charity ball wearing the same clothes that she wore during her wedding to Chris Brown. It is clear that her love of food and her desire to look and feel her best have led her to embrace the fad for which Italy is known.


Lindsay Lohan: The actress has always been a little controversial but is now back in the spotlight after serving time in rehab for a DUI. Her stint did not go well, as she was not able to keep on drinking and ended up in rehab. Her weight loss has been slow and steady, and she is back in the limelight following rehab. The star is happy with the results but still has some reservations as to how the whole weight loss thing works. Her representatives have been busy dealing with this issue and trying to smooth out any concerns.


Paris Hilton: The blonde beauty has always had a little bit of a problem with her weight, which made her the target of many jokes, comments, and criticism from viewers and other celebrities. The reality of Paris Hilton's weight loss will surely come as a pleasant surprise to her family and friends. After all, she has always prided herself on her body in the past and is quite content with the way things are coming up for her. She even seemed rather proud when telling reporters that she had lost seven hundred pounds while rehabbing and looked forward to sharing the good news with the rest of the world. Other than her name on her shirt, there is not much else associated with this actress's weight loss and the pictures of her have been taken by professionals to document her progress.

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