Can we make a living out of fitness?


Being fit is really important for our body. Fitness and being healthy protects our body from many diseases which can include diabetes or chronic heart diseases, but how are we supposed to know about the workouts and the perfect diet for our body? Well there are some people out there who are ready to help us in our fitness and weight loss journey. Fitness trainers, nutritionists, gym instructors and all the people who are helping other people to lose weight and are making a living out of it are those people. 

4 types of career opportunities in health and fitness:

1. Nutritionist or dietician.

Dieticians are the people who are usually certified whereas nutritionists are not always certified, however both helps the people to find the perfect diet and make a living out of it. A good diet and eating habits are an important element for a healthy lifestyle. Being a nutritionist or a dietician will bring up some responsibilities, they will typically be responsible for coming up with specific dietary schedules for clients who are looking forward to lose weight or who are just trying to eat healthy and be fit. They are also responsible for preparing diet plans for the people who are involved in different kinds of exercises, like professional athletes. Every sports team or clubs have a team of nutritionists and dieticians who design diet plans for their players which includes their breakfast, lunch, dinner, pregame snacks, postgame snacks and everything that their athlete will consume is designed by their dieticians. This helps them to be fit and perform better in their games and training sessions. 

They are paid really well, a little experience will help them a lot in their career. They can be appointed at a school, hospitals, nursing homes, sports teams and can even work as individual consultants.



2. Personal fitness or gym trainers.


Walking in the gym and not knowing what to do? No need to worry gym trainers have got your back. Being a personal fitness trainer is the fastest growing career in the fitness and healthy job markets. Fitness trainers are the people who love doing fitness and even use it for their living by helping others to lose weight and to be in shape.  Fitness trainers usually work in gyms, schools, fitness centers, and health clubs. Fitness trainer themselves needs to be in excellent shape as they are the one who has to guide others regarding their body and shape. If he himself will not be in good shape, then how will they be able to gain the trust of others?

Fitness trainers mostly take sessions and lead the group for offering guidance. This is a great job for those people who themselves love fitness and also at the same time like to help others about fitness. They guide them about right and wrong. In short, they have to be the teacher as well as a motivator. 

Fitness trainers usually have expertise in weight lifting, strength training, cardio, aerobics, and high-intensity training sessions which helps a person lose weight and be fit. 

There are some certifications that can make you a certified fitness trainer. Those Certifications include CPR & AED certificate and the ACE training certificate.

These people can make quite a lot of money just by doing what they love the most.



3. Yoga instructor.

Yoga is proven to be beneficial for both mind and body.  Yoga instructors are trained to help their students with the various forms and techniques of meditation and spirituality for overall mental and physical health and fitness. Yoga has many types of yoga exercises but the 7 most popular are:

  • Hatha yoga.
  • Ashtanga yoga.
  • Bikram yoga.
  • Iyengar yoga.
  • Kundalini yoga.
  • Restorative yoga.
  • Yin yoga.

There are courses, diplomas, and obviously lots of hard work which can help you become a yoga instructor. Certified and experienced yoga instructors are usually paid higher than inexperienced ones.

Yoga instructors can be hired by schools, yoga institutes, gyms, fitness centers, community wellness clubs, and yoga instructors can even give individual private yoga classes.


4. Physical Therapists.

Physical therapists are the people who usually deal with exercise or fitness-related injuries. They help their clients to recover faster from both physical and mental trauma that they are going through. They are usually trained to design customized redeveloping exercises for people with different types of injuries which would help them recover quicker.

Physical therapists often require a degree or a license to practice their work they might need to have a doctorate or post-graduate degree.

They are often paid really well and the need for physical therapists has almost grown by 40% in 2020.

They can be hired in hospitals, schools, nursing homes, and sports teams. Almost every sports team has a physical therapist who looks after the injuries of their players after games and help them recover properly so that they could give proper performance again. They are even told to design workout plans which would avoid injuries in bigger games and events. Every sports team must have a physical therapist who works directly with their athletes. 

Being a physical therapist is not really an easy job but it sure can help a person make a lot of money.


With the passing time people are taking health and fitness more seriously they are now aware of how important is it to be healthy. As long as people will continue their healthy lifestyle the jobs in health and fitness sector will keep on growing. Getting a job in health and fitness sector can be the best thing that can happen to someone in their professional life if you have a keen interest over health and fitness. Working in health and fitness sector can be really beneficial for that person to as they will be well aware and would a lot of information about health and fitness which would help them to be fit. 

Whatever industry a person chooses to work in, their keen interest should be to perform the best they can.


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