Can technological advancement help in weight loss?

Obesity is a major concern in adults as well as in children, more than half of the world’s population is facing obesity. Obesity can lead to many health problems including diabetes or chronic heart diseases and many other dangerous diseases. People have stopped focusing on their health it can be because of those typical 9 to 5 jobs or binging over Netflix series and not realizing the value of a healthy lifestyle.
However many types of research have proved that technology is playing an important role in a healthy lifestyle as well as in weight loss, people are tracking their eating habits and their physical activities using various gadgets which helps in promoting weight loss. Researchers observed higher engagement rates with passive digital technology, such as wearable technologies and e-scales, than with active technology, such as apps requiring people to input numbers manually.
Brands like iPhone and Samsung have introduced their fitness gadgets such as fitness tracker bands and watches which encourage many people to start their weight loss or fitness journeys. They can record the progress they have made and can set future fitness goals even, this keeps them motivated and they keep on setting new fitness goals. Many companies have introduced wireless headphones which help the people in doing their workouts in a carefree manner.
Some of the best fitness trackers that a person can buy in 2022 are:
  1. Fitbit Charge 5. 
  2. Huawei Watch.
  3. Garmin Venu 2. 
  4. Fitbit Charge 4. 
  5. Fitbit Versa 3.
  6. Whoop 4.0.
  7. Garmin venu.
  8. Huawei Band 6.
  9. MI series 5 fitness band.
  10.  MI series 6 fitness band.

Fitness trackers.

All these watches and bands can help a person record their daily steps, heart rate, stress levels and workouts which can include running, swimming. Cardio, indoor free style gym and other various workout routines, furthermore there fitness trackers can help women record their menstrual cycles.

Fitness apps.

People are now taking part in fitness challenges from all over the world, they encourage each other to have a healthy lifestyle. They can challenge each other through apps like strava and adidas fitness apps. These apps even record the heart rate after every workout moreover they record the amount of calories burnt in that workout.

Balanced diet through calorie count.

Many people are getting their diet plans online in which they are told about the calories in every meal, this helps them keep a track of each and every calorie they are consuming. This would not have been possible without technological advancements.

Online weight loss programs.

Online workout is becoming a common thing in today’s world, especially after this deadly pandemic. People are mostly choosing to stay at home and to work out this has become a new norm, people can sign up for online weight loss or yoga classes, furthermore there are many people on YouTube who are posting their workout tutorials and videos on YouTube which is really help full for the people who cannot join gym and are deciding to work out from their home.

Access to online recipes.

Whether it’s finding healthy new recipes from various nutrition websites or finding recipes books to be delivered right at your doorstep, technology has made it easier for you to have a variety of new flavors and recipes which you can use to have a flavourful meal. This means you can completely tailor your searches for what you’re looking for in regard to your diet and fitness plan, moreover, you can even search for the food which are beneficial for you with their nutrition’s values.

Access to online grocery shops.

Many people usually order fast food online because it’s easier and faster than going to the store for groceries, however access to online grocery shops is changing the trend of ordering fast food. Now people are capable of ordering groceries from anywhere and anytime. This helps them to eat healthy and fresh food.

Customized reminders, notifications and alarms.

Technology can provide all the assistance and help that you need in a tailored way in regard to scheduling and reminders. Scheduling is very important for a healthy lifestyle if you are constantly skipping meals and not drinking enough water due to your busy schedule then you can set up reminders and alarms to remind yourself to drink water or to take your meal on time. Not eating on time or not eating properly can cause eating disorders to protect yourself from it technology can be really helpful. 

Fitness influencers.

Fitness and lifestyle influencers or bloggers have encouraged a lot of people to follow a healthy lifestyle they promote fitness through their posts and their daily blogs they give people ideas on how to change their life towards a healthier one,  moreover, they promote brands that sell authentic and healthy products. They help the people to know about various ways of being healthy, they spread awareness about healthy lifestyle and encourages people of all ages, especially youth to indulge in healthy activities which are good for both their mind and bodies. Fitness influencers like Lyzabeth Lopez, Anellela Sagra, and Kayla lines have inspired a lot of people to start their fitness and weight loss journey. This would not be possible without the help of technology.

TV shows for weight loss.

There are TV shows that are showing the extreme cases of obesity and are showing the ways those people are losing weight which encourages other people to lose weight too.
Some of these shows are:
  1. The biggest looser.
  2. Healthy appetite with Ellie Krieger.
  3. Sweat Inc.
  4. Extreme weight loss.
All these shows help people to think that if others can do it why can’t they do it and it motivates them to have a healthier life style.
Technology is for sure helping people in living a healthier life. They can find each and every thing they want via technology if it’s used in correct manner. Technology has made weight loss a lot easier in today’s world.

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