Burj Khalifa: four Incredible Facts approximately the Tallest Building withinside the World that Took Five Years to Construct

The Taiwan Financial Center in Taipei, known as Taipei 101, is the tallest building in the world, ahead of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. Note: On the next tab, click the first one to display messages from YEN.com.gh in the message area. 5 interesting and incredible facts about the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world. During the construction period, 12,000 workers worked on the building. Photo: Giuseppe Kakache Source: UGC The construction of the Burj Khalifa began on September 21, 2004, and was completed. On October 1, 2009, the deadline for the Guinness World Records report was 5 years. YEN.com.gh introduced some facts about this building. It is 10 meters higher than Taipei and 518 meters high, which is incredible.

1. There are 6 height records. The Guinness World Records recognizes the other 6 achievements of the Burj Khalifa in height and its status as the tallest known building in the world. Download the YEN News app from Google Play now to keep up with the headlines in Ghana Some entries about the height of the Burj Khalifa include the building’s tallest elevator (504 m; 1654 feet), most of which are built on floors (163), The tallest restaurant downstairs (441. 3 m; 1447 ft 10 in) and the highest open-air observation deck.

2. It has the longest elevator in the world. My Modern Met claims that Burj Khalifa has the longest elevator in history. It can lift the user a shameful 140 layers at an astonishing speed of 140 layers per second.

3. Tower has about 10,000 people at a time. It is said that whenever a person visits a building, there are usually 10,000 people inside. The building can accommodate 35,000 people every day because people live and work in it. Let's talk about the city within the city! 4. It will not be the tallest building in the world for a long time. Burj Khalifa will not maintain the lead, and another building is being constructed to replace it. My modern website reported that the Jeddah Tower under construction in Saudi Arabia will be located at a height of 1,000 meters after completion. Lady stands on the tallest building in the world in ad At the same time, YEN.com.gh reported that a beautiful flight attendant appeared in an amazing ad on the tallest building in the world. He held up a message board to show how the airline felt after the good news on top of the world. A video posted by Emirates on Instagram shows that the team responsible for assisting this lady must go through careful planning and strict safety regulations. Source: Yen.com.gh

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