Top 10 Essential Facts About weight loss

In This article we discuss about 10 Essential Facts About weight loss.  Moving with an unhealthy and overweight body is uncomfortable. According to diseases control and prevention (CDC), having more than 30 body mass index (BMI) is considered to be obese. Our body weight is determined by the energy we take in calories. If bodyweight remains constant it means the amount of intake energy is balanced by the amount of energy we burn in our daily work. When intake energy is increased we get an increase in our weight. Sometimes we need a big overhaul to the way we live and eat food. There are many things that we should know about weight loss that is regardless critical to be understood for reaching goals of weight loss. Because having the right information about how to weight loss healthily is imperative to accomplish the goal of weight loss. Shedding pounds does change your personality, your philosophy of life. You start to believe in yourself and in the capabilities of doing everything in life. 

Firstly, you should know what is weight loss?

Weight loss is a decrease in body weight voluntary or involuntary. Mostly weight loss arises due to the reduction in body fat through diet or exercise. But in case of extreme loss in weight, protein, and other substances are also depleted. It happens in involuntary weight loss (in any severe illness) such as diarrhea, cancer, or any chronic inflammation. 

What’s right or wrong? 

Shedding pounds feels good if it goes healthily. If you are losing your weight rightly without damaging any other substance of the body except fat, you are on the right track.  For this purpose, you should know what is right or wrong for your health.

 Weight loss is all about calories. You should know the count does macronutrients contains. Such as white carbohydrates (rice and white bread) have a high amount of calories and provide little nutrition to your body. Try to take food that gives you high nutrition and little calories.

A wrong-way mostly people adopted is taking weight loss pills. Yes, it often promises you immediate weight loss but remember it has extreme side effects. With these pills, you might be successful in losing weight but on the other hand, you will invite severe diseases like hypertension, heart diseases, Blood Pressure, Insomnia, and restlessness. 

Essential facts for losing weight in a healthy wayHaving more than 30 body mass index (BMI) is considered to be obese. Sleep 7-9 hours at night can lead you to weight loss. Walking for one mile daily can burn up to 100 calories. Burning 700 calories in a week can equal 10 pounds of weight loss over a year.


Here are some effective keys to weight loss in a healthy way. That will surely help you to achieve your goal of weight loss and also gives you a happy and comfortable life. 

10 Essential Facts About weight loss 

Track your food intake

You need to start tracking your food intake. Everyone's body is different, the calories table for your body will be unique. You have to keep maintaining the right amount of calories and the macronutrients you take. You are recommended to consume your daily intake caloric. This will help you in burning fat and provide all requirements of body energy.

Drink water before a meal

It is claimed that drinking water helps you in reducing weight, which is true.  Drinking water can boost your metabolism by 24-30% in 1-1.5 hours. One study showed that drinking a half-liter of water before a meal can help lose 44% more weight as compared to those who didn't drink water because it helps dieters to eat fewer calories. 

Not only reducing calories 

As above mention, weight is determined by calories. It doesn’t mean that if you want to lose weight you start to cut calories drastically. Only reducing calories doesn’t work because you start making your body catabolic and it starts eating muscles that are also not right. So, no starving. 

Apple cider vinegar 

Apple cider vinegar can lower blood sugar, cholesterol, and also aid in weight loss. If you want to shed pounds, it is recommended to take two teaspoons of it daily with water or tea. Taking green tea daily also helps you in shedding pounds healthily 

More sleep, less fat

Enough sleeping indeed helps you in weight loss. While short sleep can trigger your body to gain fat. When you sleep less your body is cooked up for a perfect recipe for weight gain. Research tells that when people starved sleeping night snacking started and people choose high carb snacks. When you sleep well your sleep-deprived brain says no to the second slice of cake. Sleep 7-9 hours at night can lead you to weight loss as it helps in burning fat and eating less. Our body is making molecules during sleep that follows  exercise which will do many useful things such as strengthen out muscles, lower blood pressure, neutralize inflammation, increase our metabolism, and make us eat less. So, more sleep weighs less. 


People should go on a regular workout not only for burning calories for weight loss, but also to keep weigh off. The initial goal of weight loss should be increase in exercise to a critical point called catching point. Once the capacity is reached your food preferences will be changed, metabolic rate is increased and your body starts burning calories. It is recommended to perform some aerobic exercise for at least 20 minutes three times a week. More than 20 minutes are also good as it helps to burn more calories. Like walking for one mile daily can burn up to 100 calories (make sure you are not consuming excess calories in your diet). Burning 700 calories in a week can equal 10 pounds of weight loss over a year.


Taking breakfast with more protein can lead you to achieve your goal of weight loss. Research tells that consuming 30 grams of protein in breakfast lets you less hungry throughout the day. Food with high protein takes a longer time to digest as compared to a traditional breakfast full of carbohydrates. Typically high protein food includes eggs, milk, butter, yogurt, and cheese. Daily four eggs are also not recommended, same high sodium is also not good for you. Keeping balance in everything can make you healthy and fit. Trying to get all requirements from one thing is not a wise thing.


Being physically active is the most important thing you can do for yourself. It can help you on controlling your weight and reduces the risk of illness. For the fitness of body you always need a healthy and proper diet and some aerobic activities.


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