xxxx Desperate Measles


If we go back to the past, we will remember that on every happy occasion, we need this khasre, if we have a wedding or a baby was born in someone's house, then the khasre used to come to that house, sing songs, dance and take blessings. used to take care that they do not get angry and do not make these bad prayers because their bad prayers were heard even then and are still heard today. That is why they were given pleasure and happiness and they were kept happy. Wherever they lived, they had a great teacher who brought them up and taught them whom they respected greatly. 


Because people were familiar with them, they could go in front of the women of the house, they would happily congratulate them and ask them how they were doing, and then gradually they were replaced by musical groups. taken away and their importance has completely disappeared.


Now they are forced to beg, they beg in street stalls and markets and some of them are forced into prostitution. 


 Because they have got the right to vote in the past years, but no job quota has been kept in the government institutions. Bread is needed, roof is needed to live. 

They don't even adopt these poor people, but they leave them helpless in the cruel world. His character is also taken as a joke. 


These people want to get a job, like other people, they also want to live a dignified life, people should respect them, they also want to work hard, but no one is ready to give them a chance. They should be given jobs according to their ability. They should also get jobs in shops, mills, factories, etc. Have done with them too. So that it comes out of the pitiful life they are leading and we consider them as human beings and help them lead a dignified life.

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