xxxx 20 ways to earn pocket money online | Detailed explanation by difficulty level

20 ways to earn pocket money online | Detailed explanation by difficulty level

Many people think, “I want to earn pocket money online ” or “I want a little more free money”. In this article, I will explain specific methods, tips, and cautions for those who want to earn pocket money online.



  1. How much money can you earn online?
  2. Preparing to make money online
    1. create a free email address
    2. create net banking account
  3. Different difficulty! 20 ways to earn pocket money online
    1. Beginner's class
      1. Survey site
      2. point site
      3. Sweepstakes site
      4. game
      5. lead email
      6. self affiliate
      7. photo sales
    2. Intermediate
      1. Product monitor
      2. data entry
      3. transcription, transcription
      4. web writer
      5. crowdsourcing
      6. design
      7. Sales of technology and knowledge
      8. live chat
    3. Advanced
      1. affiliate
      2. Sedori
      3. Google Adsense
      4. Information products
      5. investment, forex
  4. Tips to make money online
  5. Tips for making money online
    1. Avoid registering with unscrupulous traders
    2. Beware of malicious information products
    3. Don't forget to file your tax return
    4. How much money can you earn online?

      How much money can you earn online?

      There are many ways to make money online. Most of the people who actually make money online make only a few thousand yen a month. Each person is different, so read this article to find out how to earn money that suits you.

      Preparing to make money online

      Before you start making money online, there are a few things you should be prepared for.

      create a free email address

      To make money online, you should first create a free email address. A free email address is a free email service provided by Google, Yahoo, etc. You can check your email anytime, anywhere as long as you have an internet connection.

      In order to earn money online, you need to register with various service sites, but at the same time you will receive a lot of emails. If you have a dedicated free e-mail address and distinguish it from the mobile phone address you usually use, you will not miss important e-mails. Anyone can easily create a free email address, so make one if you don't have one.

      create net banking account

      Create an online bank account to receive the money you earn. If you have an internet environment, net banking can be traded at any time with net banking. Since there is no physical store, the fees for transfers and withdrawals can be kept low.

      Also, among the methods of earning money online, there are places that offer a service that allows you to accumulate points and redeem them for cash, so the fees for doing so are cheaper than those of city banks. There are some services such as Japan Net Bank and Rakuten Bank, so if you don't have an account yet, make one.

      Different difficulty! 20 ways to earn pocket money online

      I will explain how to earn pocket money on the internet by difficulty level. Increasing the difficulty will increase the amount of money you can earn, but it will also increase the effort and risk, and may require specialized skills.

      Beginner's class

      ・Questionnaire site

      It is a service that you can get points just by registering for a questionnaire site and answering the questionnaire with a smartphone etc. in your spare time . Points can be exchanged for cash, and anyone can easily start. D style web offers not only web surveys where you can answer and receive points, but also many information such as round- table discussions and venue surveys that offer higher rewards than web surveys .

    5. Point site

      The point site is a service where you can get points by registering as a member and applying for online shopping, opening an account, creating a credit card, etc. via the site. Points can be redeemed for cash, so people who regularly shop online or who are thinking of getting a credit card can earn money by using point sites.

      ・ Sweepstakes site

      It is a service that allows you to apply for a sweepstakes site and if you win, you can get the corresponding product for free or at a low price. It's not something that can be exchanged for cash directly, but it's a chance to get what you want without spending money.


      It is a service that allows you to register as a member of a company that provides online games, play the game, and exchange coins and items earned in the game for cash. It is suitable for people who like games and want to earn money while playing games.

      ・Lead email

      It is a service that allows you to earn rewards simply by registering your email address, clicking on the URL or advertisement in the email sent, and viewing the linked web page. No special skills are required, anyone can easily earn money just by looking at the page.


      It is a service that allows you to earn rewards simply by registering for an affiliate service and applying for a target product or service such as opening a credit card or opening an account. It is characterized by being able to start for free, and if it goes well, you can get a reward of tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of yen per month.

      ・Photo sales

      This is a service that allows you to earn money by selling the photos you have taken by registering as a member on a site that sells photos. There is a screening process to sell photos, but you don't have to do anything after it's posted, so it's a perfect service for people who like taking photos.


      ・Product monitor

      You can get rewards by registering as a member on a site that recruits product monitors , trying out products and services sent by companies, and answering questionnaires about their feelings of use.Post-use surveys should be honest and polite, but you can also receive rewards while using new products and services.

      D style web also provides information on product monitors. We carry out product monitoring for many types of products such as cosmetics and foods.

    6. Data entry

      It is a service that receives a request from a company, etc., and receives a reward by acting on behalf of entering data specified in Excel. It's a monotonous job, but you can do it without requiring any special knowledge or skills.

      ・Transcription, Transcription

      It is a service that rewards you by typing the recorded voice and video into characters. The unit fee is often higher than data entry, but it requires time and skill because you need to listen again and again until you understand and write down and understand technical terms.

      ・WEB writer

      Create articles on web pages, write blogs on behalf of others, create e-books, and earn rewards for writing. Writing skills and imagination are required, so there are suitability and unsuitability.


      It is a service that allows you to register as a member on a site that allows you to solicit job requests on the Internet, and to receive rewards by delivering the products and services requested by the requester. There are various jobs, but the feature is that there are many projects that require experience, achievements, and skills.


      You can earn by selling original designs, characters, stamps, illustrations, etc. It is recommended for people who are good at drawing pictures and illustrations, and who are good at designing.

      ・Sale of technology and knowledge

      You can earn by teaching others what you have experienced and the skills and know-how you have acquired. It is also possible to get paid on an hourly basis, such as teaching how to use a computer or teaching English. There are also service companies that act as intermediaries.

      What people think is not a big deal can be of great value to people. You may want to consider your own experience and qualifications.

      ・Live chat

      It is a service that you can get rewards by registering as a member of a company that provides a live chat service and talking to people who have troubles on the Internet or who want to listen to their stories. There is no need to meet face-to-face, and it is suitable for people who are qualified as counselors, who are good at talking, and who are good at listening to others.

    7. Advanced


      Register as a member of a company that provides affiliate services, and post advertisements for products and services introduced by that company on your web page or blog. It is a system in which people who have accessed a web page or blog see the advertisement and receive a reward if it leads to sales of products and services.
      If the product or service does not sell, the reward is zero, so it is necessary to make efforts to increase the number of accesses and sell the product or service.


      It is a service that allows you to earn money by purchasing products at low prices from auction sites and overseas sites and selling them at high prices. It's not as simple as "just buy and sell at a low price", but you need the ability to analyze what's selling and what's in demand, as well as research and marketing skills.

      ・Google Adsense

      It is a service that allows Google to post advertisements that match the contents of the web pages and blogs that you manage, and if the person who visits clicks on the advertisement, you can get a reward.

      Even if the ad does not lead to sales, you will be charged just for clicking. Also, to keep getting rewarded, you have to keep updating your articles.

      ・Information products

      It is a way of making money by selling special or useful information that you have on the Internet to others. If you have information that only you know, you can make money by publishing it on the web or holding lectures and seminars.

      ・Investment, FX

      It is not easy to make money just by saving money in the bank, but you can earn money by investing in stocks, FX, virtual currencies, real estate, etc. However, since there is always risk involved in investing and there is a high possibility of losing money, it is better to acquire a solid investment knowledge before starting.

      Tips to make money online

      Tips to make money online

      There are three main ways to make money online.

    8. ・Set specific goals
      Just vaguely wanting to earn money online is not enough to keep you motivated. Set a goal amount you want to earn specifically, and think about what you want to do with it. That way you can stay motivated.

      ・Collect information Collecting information is not the end. In today's world of information overload, it is always necessary to acquire new information. This is because outdated information can lead to losses.

      ・Move to action Even if you set a goal and collect information, you can't earn unless you take action. You must always be conscious of working toward your goals.

      Tips for making money online

      There are many services that can be used for free, but there are points to be aware of when making pocket money online.

      Avoid registering with unscrupulous traders

      There are reliable companies, but there are also unscrupulous companies that will lose money if you register, so be careful when registering. When judging whether it is an unscrupulous trader, please check whether the following items apply.
      ・Membership registration costs money
      ・Poor point redemption rate
      ・High minimum redemption amount from points to cash・Not
      clear how to withdraw Sites that apply to more than items that are clear and have a short track record are highly likely to be unscrupulous traders, so be careful.

      Beware of malicious information products

      There are information products that can give you useful information and know-how properly, but you need to be careful because there are many fraudulent information products on the market. For example, think carefully before buying something that has a sweet invitation such as "Anyone can earn XX million yen in XX months" or "Forex investment with a 100% winning rate", and if you feel uneasy, do not buy it.

      Don't forget to file your tax return

      If you can earn money online, you must not forget to file a tax return. Even if you are a company employee, if your income other than salary exceeds 200,000 yen, you must file a final tax return. In addition, regardless of the amount of income, if you have income other than salary, you must file a resident tax return.

      If the company withholds tax, if the resident tax is higher than the amount calculated by the company, it will be revealed that you are doing a side job. If you work for a company that prohibits side jobs, you need to be careful not to exceed 200,000 yen in income other than salary.

      *Regarding the above "Final tax return", we assume that you work for one company and do the year-end tax adjustment at your workplace.
      * Whether or not you need to file a final tax return depends on your individual circumstances, so please consult your local tax office or tax accountant for the final decision.


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