7 Brilliant Weight Loss Hacks I Wish I'd Known When I Was Young

This is true. This is a personal matter. I love eating and am always seeking for strategies to lose weight. This method has shown to be effective for me through trial and error. It might or might not work for you. With that disclaimer, let me tell you my tale.

If you walk for 60 minutes, you will burn the equivalent of two Indian rotis ( 2 tortillas). You may eat the same thing in less than 2 minutes. In the world of simple food, the math is stacked against us.

Exercise is beneficial. It is much more important to see weight reduction as a math issue. The addition of wanting psychology makes it more genuine and honest.

1. COVID stay-at-home miracle – a massive food experiment.

When my younger daughter started school, I inquired politely about her young teacher's teaching approach. "I don't have one," she said.

That irritated me. She went on to say, "Each child is special." I spend time studying their learning style and then customise.”

I recall her insightful remarks. It was a lightbulb moment.

Every morning, I stand on the weighing machine, which is identical to the teacher's attitude.

I don't only look at my weight. I determine which foods stick and, more crucially, which do not.

Covid's stay-at-home miracle has worked wonders for me. I conducted a great experiment. For the day, I choose one important culinary element. Mostly, culinary items that I enjoy.

For example, I discovered that chick pea flour is great for my skin since it doesn't adhere to it. White rice, my childhood comfort food, is a foe.

This one build has performed wonders. There is a blessing buried deep within hardship. This has been my major COVID year benefit: providing my mind with additional data points about my unique physique.

Throw out the typical magazine advice. The punchline is "you do you."

2. Set a credit card food limit

My father was not a fan of credit cards. He appeared to be reluctant to change, in my opinion. I pondered. You may always pay it off in full and take advantage of the "free" credit. An added advantage was the ease with which you could obtain a single monthly statement of your spending. All excellent reasons, but I overlooked the most important nuance.

When I was younger, I had a lot of respect and affection for my grandfather, and I always listened to what he had to say. His main complaint was worth considering: credit cards caused you to think less when spending.

Here's where the food link comes in.

A friend of mine donned his mask during a recent COVID zoom call. I inquired as to why. He joked that he needed a barrier between the food at his desk and his lips. In this day and age of abundant food, astute marketing, and job pressures, the hand-to-mouth link has become a curse rather than a benefit.

We may differ in how we eat our meals throughout the world. When it comes to munchies, we eat with our hands. There's a reason why finger snacks in gleaming bags are available. They are similar to credit cards in that they make things so simple that we think less.

In a world full of clever marketing and beautiful periodicals, I seek for ordinary individuals with whom I can converse.

In a social environment, I do inquire about what works best for them. “When I food shop at the supermarket, I shop along the walls and rarely in the centre aisles,” one lady observed, revealing a secret truth.

In a nutshell, she had the final laugh.

This small adjustment in how I deliberately wheel my shopping cart has made all the difference in the world to me.

3. Feel amazing from the inside out. Reduce your intake of gas-producing foods. Remember this narrative if you have to.

Water makes up more than 70% of our bodies. Gas is not in that price range. Nonetheless, it feels like an ant in an elephant's ear. It is just as vital to feel light as it is to lose weight.

Many individuals avoid eating gassy foods. I recommend that you restrict them with assistance. Here's an intriguing tale.

I travelled to Dallas, Texas, to meet with one of my teams. During our visits, we would frequently have a meal. I delegated the decision of where to eat to the team. Years passed. They once turned the tables on me. They recommended that I take them to an Indian restaurant. I agreed politely.

On my way out of the restaurant after a varied dinner, one of my coworkers said, "Hey Karthik, what's that stuff?"

I grinned as I turned around to see. It was a dish full of dazzling sugar coated things. I informed him that the substance included within the candy was fennel, which helped digestion. He was dubious, but intrigued enough to give it a go that day.

During my next trip to Dallas, he told me that he enjoyed the scent and feel of fennel so much that he went out and bought some. He eats a few after big meals and loves using it as a topic of conversation during guest dinners at his house.

There is a reason why aids like fennel exist. When you come across them, seize the ones you like. My grandmother, a worldly wise woman from the deep regions of India, taught me the most of what I know about aids.

Another treat mom introduced me to was ajwain or carom seeds.

4. Each zoom call at work is unique. Switch to a mobile phone and wander about while on the call.

Walking has an age-defying quality about it. Some people socialise via golf, whereas the majority socialise through food. Some people exercise at the gym, while others walk around the house and neighbourhood.

Many people walk while conversing on the phone. It's much better to walk while listening. Meetings are an unavoidable aspect of our daily lives. We can make the most of a bad situation. They are active listeners for many people, including you and me. Show your face at the start of the call, then switch to your cell phone and wander around while attentively listening. One of the least discussed working remotely wonders. You stroll, and you feel great.

5. Energy for a quicker metabolism: I found the cold water technique to be effective.

Water has the ability to accelerate metabolism. If you can handle it, drink some cold water first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.

According to science, this will increase metabolic rate by 5–30% for 40–60 minutes.

That's a good return on 0 calories. Sipping water in the morning is plenty for me.

6. Kitchen closes at 4 p.m. – yet another COVID-induced lifestyle miracle

“There is no blessing better than closing kitchen business early,” my grandma stated.

Dinner, to her, was an overrated meal – not in terms of consumption, but in preparation.

If you think about it, supper is a more important social responsibility. It's a more frequent theme to gather family and friends for an occasion.

A simple game changer is to have your last meal as early as possible. I spoke with genuine individuals who just want to fit into clothing and stay in them. We're not magazine cover gurus. Their unifying theme, I discovered, was early dinner. Eat first thing in the morning. Science appears to agree with my grandmother's insight.

Choose a French restaurant because you have a social duty. Even the sweets are served in tiny quantities. They force you to consume first with your eyes.

Again, the COVID work-life balance shift for remote employment has shown to be a gift in disguise.

The 16:8 intermittent fasting — 16 hours of fasting followed by an 8-hour window of eating anything you want — has changed my life. 16 appears to be a large number, but with the late hours and early meals, it's worth a chance for my lifestyle.

You miss 100% of the shots you do not take. I'm pleased I went with this one.

7. Eat what you consider to be the greatest cuisine on a regular basis. Nobody perished as a result of the meal they ate.

The unsaid portion is not included in the headline.

I didn't use the word dessert because it's different for desserts. The same is true for serving sizes.

Nonetheless, it is a little step in the right direction. It's a mental as well as a physical problem. It is critical to eat what you enjoy.

We consume conventional meals the majority of the time. Eating exceptional cuisine (each to their own) is a game changer.

Warren Buffet, the 90-year-old famous investor, drinks diet coke or cherry coke with his burgers. My grandfather, who lived until the age of 104, had one dollop of fresh butter every day.

Correlation may not imply causation. Math is not the same as psychology. Inner satisfaction is just as vital as being able to fit into comfy clothes.

You're free to be yourself.

I wish you the best of luck on your adventure.

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