5 Tips for Improving Your Health


To keep yourself fit and health, it is not necessary that you go to the gym regularly or you take tough exercises. If you want to be healthy and fit both mentally and physical, you must make some simple adjustments in your daily routing by adopting a few very useful habits, which will result in significant positive impacts on your health. You can start with trying some very simple and easy habits which you can easily adopt to improve your health.

1.Release Mental Stresses

The mental stresses can be seriously harmful for your health. You need to release the mental stresses. Simple things can help a long way to get yourself de-stressed.

You can spend short time, may be 10-15 minutes in reading some chapter of a good book, take a walk, play with your pet, watch a family show, listen to music, take a short nap. You will certainly feel refresh and energized.

If someday you are too busy to take time out of your routine, you can try taking a few deep breaths and slow down. This will surely relax you.

2.Adequate Sleep Time

It is generally recommended that adults should sleep for 7 to 9 hours daily. Continuous lack of sleep can be very harmful and may result in health problems like obesity, diabetes, hypertension, depression, anxiety, heart attack and stroke, memory loss etc.

If you want a have a conscientious, persistent and proactive start of your day, you should start Going to bed early. This way you will wake up early in the morning and will surely have a refreshing start to your day.

3.Balanced and Healthy Diet

Healthy food which is not taken in a balanced manner may not be able to adequately fulfil the requirements for a health body. Therefore, it is important to have a diet containing foods from fruits, vegetables, dairy, grains and proteins in appropriate proportions. Instead of junk food, you may use almonds, nuts, carrots, cashew nuts, or green vegetables between two meals, if needed. Fizzy drinks should be replaced with glass of water. As a thumb rule, half of your plate should be green vegetables and fruits, one forth should be whole grains and remaining one forth should be proteins.

4. Proper Posture & Ergonomic

You should make it a habit to sit in an appropriate way while working. An improper posture may result in back pain, neck pains, eye strain, occupational injuries etc. When you sit on your working desk, make sure that your back is straight up; your legs are not crossing, stomach in tuck in and feet are on the floor.

If you work on a computer, the computer screen should be placed accurately. Keep the screen at an arm’s length i.e. at least 20 inches from eye (for large size screens, distance should be increased) and screen level should be at or slightly below eye level

While working you should also take regular short breaks. Continuous sitting for long durations should be avoided. You can also do simple stretching exercise at your work place or walk around your work area for couple of minutes could also be very helpful.

5.Eating Habit – Eat Slow

You should make a habit to chew each loaf of your food thoroughly before you swallow it. You will not only enjoy your meal but slow eating will improve your digestion process and nutrient in the food are absorbed more easily. Another important fact is that when you eat slow, lesser amount of food will satisfy your appetite. So, calorie intake will also be low as will be the changes of gaining weight.

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