5 Simple changes in lifestyle that help in losing weight


Little changes in lifestyle creates lasting effect in our body. The way we eat, walk,

sleep, and take exercise all can influence in our weight, hormone, and level of

pain. We can also recover from many disease from some changes in our lifestyle.

Habit replacement is the most easy way to change lifestyle. Just replacement of

an unhealthy food to healthy food, find improvement in behavior, and start

walking can unbelievably change your life. If you are carrying weight, changing the

way you eat, increasing your physical activities, and monitoring sleeping patterns

are the best way to lose weight and you can continue them for a longer term to

keep maintaining your body weight. Below are five easy and healthy changes are

mentioned that will help you in losing weight and you can continue them without

any hurdle and live a happy life.

1) Sleeping pattern

A good night’s sleep plays a vital role in weight loss. A person who sleeps at

night about 7 to 8 hours with a routine time has seemed to lose weight

without a strict diet as compared to those who have an erratic sleep

pattern. A person who doesn’t sleep well or has a poor sleep at night might

have a great chance of craving late-night snacks and cheating with their

diet. About 74% of participants who sleep 7.5 to 8 hours at night lose

weight effectively because they have a proper routine of sleep as well they

follow a consistent routine in their diet that aid in weight loss. An

inadequate sleep triggers hormonal and metallic changes, increases

appetite and craving, and decreases insulin sensitivity, just because of these

factors inadequate sleep is the reason for obesity and weight gain.

Similarly, lack of sleep also affected mental health, mood, and thoughts

patterns that make it difficult to choose a healthy diet.

A lack of sleep is responsible for poorer diet choices, calorie intake,

decreases in physical activities, And laziness and take you towards obesity.

If your weight loss diet doesn’t work, try to monitor your sleep pattern and

make it 7-9 hours good night’s sleep and see the difference.

2) Healthy diet vs unhealthy food

To lose weight, a healthy diet is very important. But the point is that you

should take healthy food that is responsible for weight loss rather than the

processed or high-calorie food that takes you towards obesity. Try to make


homemade food instead of hotel or restaurant food. Restaurant foods are

of high calories and sodium and cooked with fatty or unsaturated oil that is

harmful to us. They aren’t only responsible for weight gain, but also tend

for heart disease, blood pressure, and other severe diseases. Homemade

food are low calorie and made with fresh ingredients that makes you

healthy not fatty. Similarly, change your habit of fast food craving or snacks

with fresh fruits or dry fruits. A healthy step not only makes you fit and

smart also sharpens your mind, makes you active in all physical and mental

activities. As the choice of food is important, time of taking food is also

important. If you don’t take your lunch, dinner at time, then it also can

affect your health. Make a schedule of your breakfast, lunch, and dinner

time and you will amuse with result. Try to take breakfast before 9 A.m.,

lunch should have done at 1’o clock, and dinner should take before 8’o

clock. If you make your eating schedule, you might avoid snacks and make

yourself a habit of fewer calorie intake.

3) Walk more…

Change your habit of driving for small distances and using lifts to walk. Try

to walk more you can do. The more you walk the more you burn calories.

Walking is one of the best exercise for burning calories. Walk daily at least

60 minutes, 3 days a week for at least 12 weeks. If you do not have time to

walk 60 consecutive minutes, you can walk in two laps. There will be no

difference between walking With two laps or a consecutive walk. You will

burn the same amount of calories. Your heart rate will be increased and

you will save from many diseases too.

Prefer to walk on motors. Don’t depend yourself on any vehicle, try to walk

wherever you can. Similarly, use stairs instead of lifts. Walking has a greater

effect on our body, it regulates blood pressure, heart rate, prevents heart

disease, helps in burning calories, maintains body weight, and keeps the

body away from weight gain or obesity.

If you are on your proper diet, and still not losing weight, then there

walking must be in your routine.

4) Drink water than beverages

Water is an essential thing that needs our body. We cannot neglect the

value of water in our life. If you are worried about your weight, then drink

water and keep your body hydrated. It not only fulfills your body


requirements, but also regulates your blood, cleanses your stomach from

bacteria, and keeps you away from junk food. Whenever you feel hungry,

drink a full glass of water, it will remove your hunger. Many people mix the

sense of dehydration to hunger and ate snacks when they need to drink

water and invite obesity. Keep a water bottle with yourself every time so

that when you need it you can drink it. One healthy change is also to

change your habit of drinking alcohol to water. Many people have a bad

habit of drinking soda after dinner or lunch, change this habit to drinking

water. Soda, cold drink, or alcohol are the beverages that are responsible

for obesity, they are highly calorie drink and disturb our body weight.

Whenever you wish to take beverages, take a sip of water, and keep

yourself healthy.

5) Exercise

Make a habit of daily workouts. And keep yourself healthy, fit, and smart. If

you do not have much time to spend hours in workouts, try to spend at

least 25-30 minutes in workout or keep walking daily. No doubt, daily

exercise can change our life, it keep us healthy and many disease keeps

away from us. If you want to lose your weight without any restrictions in

your diet then exercise is the best option.

There are many little changes in our lifestyle that help us in weight loss.

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