5 Easy Ways To Lose Weight Without Exercise in a Month


Everyone wishes to enjoy their life without any hesitation and restriction. But when the point comes to obesity, 70% of people suffer from hesitations. And for the sake of losing weight, restrictions come in. Following the proper exercise also tease us. There are many effective ways to lose weight and prevent from gaining weight in the future. Yes! you can lose weight, just by focusing on the following things and you are ready to do everything you wish for, without any hesitation of obesity. Below mentioned tips help you to eat fewer calories with ease.

5 Easy Ways To Lose Weight Without Exercise in a Month

1: Keep yourself Hydrated from time to time


Drink water as much as you can. Drinking Luke warm water in the morning gives you an unbelievable result. Your weight reduces magically with this little tip. Research proves that drinking water helps you in losing weight. Especially if you drink water before a meal, it helps you in taking fewer calories and removes your hunger. An adult should drink half a liter of water 30 minutes before a meal. One study tells that a person who drinks water before a meal have chances to lose 44% more weight than the person who didn’t drink.


Whenever you feel hungry, drink a big glass of water instead of taking some snacks because it might be you are slightly thirsty. At this point majority of people make mistakes and mix the sign of dehydration with hunger and take calories instead of drinking water. Drinking water is a good way to keep snacks and unhealthy food away from you and keep yourself slim and smart without any diet plan. Try to keep a water bottle with you all the time so that you can drink a sip of water everywhere.


When you’re working, make it a habit to get up regularly and refill your water. Also, make a schedule of drinking water so that you make sure of drinking water throughout the day. 




2: Boost your cooking skill


Another way of losing weight is to make your meal by yourself. According to your need and taste, don’t make it too salty or oily. Try to make a healthy and low-calorie meal. As we all know very well that restaurant food contains a high amount of sodium, saturated fats, sugar, and calories, which can easily disturb our health and make us fatty. A person who used to eat a homemade meal is much healthier than a person who eats restaurant foods.


When you cook your meal, you might enjoy cooking and you’re in control to add healthy and fresh ingredients. You will know that what you are eating is fresh and healthy for you. This is a healthy way to lose weight and keep yourself away from an unhealthy diet. Also try to use healthy snacks instead of chips, cookies, and less nutritious options. Keep your bag with healthy snacks, keep chops veggies in your fridge and keep a bowl full of fresh fruits. Try them as snacks whenever you feel hungry and see the magic!


3: More protein and fiber, helps you lose more weight


Protein-rich food can fill you up and work as fuel for your body throughout the day. Because protein has a powerful effect on appetite. One study tells that a person who takes 30%-40% protein in his diet will take 441  fewer calories as compared to the person who didn’t take much protein. Take a little amount of protein in every meal instead of taking it all at once, this will help the increase in the feeling of fullness, reduce hunger and eat fewer calories. Like protein, fiber also help in losing weight. Fiber rich food has proves links to satiety and helping you feel fullness for a long time after consumption. Along with its ability to improve digestion, it also reduces the risk of stroke, heart disease, and type2 diabetes. If you want to lose weight healthily try to use viscous fiber. It is essential for losing weight as it reduces hunger and keeps you full. 


Viscous fiber can convert into gel When it contacts with water. And this gel keeps the stomach full and increases nutrients absorption time. So you don’t feel hungry and eat fewer calories.


You can get this special type of fiber from plant food including beans, oats cereal, orange, flax seeds, asparagus, and Brussels sprouts.


4: Eat slowly and chew thoroughly


Keep this your habit to chew thoroughly and take your food slowly. Because slowly eating can let your brain gets the signal easily when you’re full. Chewing thoroughly the food can savor you what you are eating. It also initiates the process of digestion. Chewing each mouthfuls food prolonging can help you eat less. In other words habit of slowly taking food helps you in less food intake and reduces your weight. If you eat food fast, there is a chance of overeating because your brain needs time to give signals when you’re full. Also taking time in eating gives your body time to register when it is full.


5: Sleep enough


Drink water, eat healthy and fresh, and chew thoroughly. Now it’s time for sleeping. Sleeping also helps in maintaining body weight and keeps you slim, healthy, and smart. Sleeping enough is necessary for your health. When you sleep enough you are away from taking calories. When you awake at night or have a habit of late-night sleeping, it might you feel hungry and your craving for some late-night snacks, leading to intake calories. Make your sleeping schedule and try to go to bed before midnight and wake up early in the morning. If you make your habit to sleep early and wake up early your stomach works rightly and by taking healthy food, protein, and fiber-rich food your intake of calories will be fewer and you lose your weight. 

Above mention, tips have proven themselves for reducing weight. You can make a habit of acting on it and enjoy a healthy life. Without any restrictions of diet and proper exercise or disturbing your routine you can get your goals surprisingly 



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